Flag of Thailand

Peace and Security

In Thailand, USAID is committed to working in the following areas: transnational crime, conflict mitigation and reconciliation, and good governance. USAID aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to advocate for their interests and promote conflict mitigation in the border provinces by providing support to civic groups, at-risk youth, and vulnerable people affected by the ongoing insurgency. Our trafficking initiatives in Thailand are designed to prevent human trafficking by bringing the issue to the attention of all levels of Thai society.

The USAID-supported MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) Foundation educates young people about the dangers of being defrauded or coerced into forced labor, servitude or sexual exploitation. High-energy, youth-focused events and outreach are held in areas where people are particularly vulnerable to trafficking.

In southern Thailand, USAID supports a variety of initiatives that address the causes and consequences of violent conflict, helping people affected by the violence and supporting community media. USAID also supports conflict resolution efforts and aims to build trust within communities, and between citizens and governments. In northwestern Thailand, USAID works to improve conditions for marginalized populations who are displaced by ongoing conflict in eastern Burma.