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The Youth Theatre for Peace program
The Youth Theater for Peace program helps young people talk about conflict and peer pressure in a safe environment.
Mikhail Romanyuk

Tajikistan’s citizens are eager to move beyond two fractious, impoverished decades and toward a more prosperous, stable, and democratic future. USAID has supported the country’s adoption of key reforms. Tajikistan’s debilitated institutions and centralized power structures and processes present serious challenges to the government’s ability to meet its peoples’ needs.

USAID in Tajikistan works with local groups to foster accountable and inclusive local governance that is responsive to constituent needs. We support local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), independent media, and youth activities to help Tajikistan tackle its socioeconomic challenges and stabilize at-risk communities.


  • USAID supported a civil society law that helped more than 60 percent of Tajikistan’s 3,000 NGOs maintain their registration status.
  • USAID provided training to 200 sub-national government officials in 20 municipalities, helping them improve their skills in budgeting, strategic planning, citizen involvement, drinking water delivery, solid waste management services, and service fee collection.
  • USAID mobilized 63 Community Action Groups (comprised of youth, women and men who were democratically selected by their peers to manage the program’s direction and activities) to identify community priorities, resources, needs, and solutions to promote participation, good governance, accountability and peaceful change.