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  • Small Businesses Offer Sri Lanka’s War-Weary a Second Chance at Life

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  • USAID is supporting rural women to improve household nutritional status by boosting the quantity and diversity of diets

  • USAID support helps promote the products of rural women and link them to markets

  • Providing people with disabilities access to quality physical rehabilitation services

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  • Thanks to USAID funded household rainwater harvesting tanks rural families in drought prone villages now have access to clean water all year round.

  • A small scale onion farmer restores his livelihood with assistance from USAID

  • USAID raises awareness on gender based violence through street drama performances

Tamil and Muslim children play at the new Kilinochchi Children's Park.
Children's Park Fosters Community Reintegration in Sri Lanka
Women from Kallappadu North set up operations at their newly opened food processing center.
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka
Big News from Sri Lanka’s Small Towns
Big News from Sri Lanka's Small Towns

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation located along major maritime trade routes in the Indian Ocean. Following democratic elections in 2015, the end of 26 years of conflict in 2009 and a decade of recovery from a devastating tsunami in 2004, the country has entered a new era.

Sri Lanka now focuses on strengthening its democracy, promoting reconciliation and fostering sustainable economic growth.

USAID works with the Government and the people of Sri Lanka to help all Sri Lankans benefit from nationwide progress.

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Mission Contact

Dr Andrew Sisson, Mission Director
United States Agency for International Development
No. 44, Galle Road
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka
+94 (11) 249-8000

USAID Contact

Daryl Martyris, Country Desk Officer Sri Lanka/Maldives
USAID Asia Bureau/SCAA
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC
(202) 712-5202