Nelson Mandela Children Hospital launch

Friday, December 9, 2016

Nelson Mandela Children Hospital launch

Johannesburg, Dec 2, 2016: After 11 years in the making, Friday marked the day of the official launch of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. This hospital is located in Parktown, Johannesburg and is a unique hospital in that it is dedicated completely to pediatrics serving both the public and private health care systems in South Africa. #NMCHBringsHope

Here at USAID we are very proud to say that we played a small part in helping to realize Nelson Mandela's dream of seeing this hospital come to completion! 

In 2013, USAID announced a partnership with the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust which resulted in the USAID Global Health office contributed $2.25M for nurse training and development along with theUSAID/Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad – ASHA—contributing $700,000 for an Imaging Center.

USAID at NMCH opening
Nelson Mandela Children Hospital Building

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