Human Rights Are LGBTI Rights: One Story of Overcoming Adversity in Serbia

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Milutin Pantelić spent eight months working in the Moonrise Hostel, located in the Kamičak area of Šabac, Serbia
USAID Serbia

Milutin Pantelić was forced to leave his home — a village near Šabac in Western Serbia — due to family shame associated with his LGBTI status. He even suffered beatings from his brother.

Feeling depressed and isolated, Milutin tried to commit suicide. Instead, he ended up in a mental health institution, where doctors recognized that he did not belong. A doctor at the institution told Milutin about Moonrise Hostel, a social enterprise that employs members of the LGBTI population who have suffered violence or discrimination. To continue reading, please click