Supreme Court Of Cassation Launches Website And Information Desk

Supreme Court Of Cassation Launches Website And Information Desk
Ribon-cutting ceremony at the Supreme Court of Cassation
USAID Serbia

For Immediate Release

Thursday, September 18, 2014

BELGRADE – In a ceremony to promote increased transparency and openness of courts, Ambassador Michael D. Kirby and Supreme Court Chief Justice Dragomir Milojević’s opened the Supreme Court of Cassation’s new information desk and officially launched its website on Thursday, September 18, 2014 in the main hall of the Supreme Court of Cassation building.

The USAID Separation of Powers Program (SPP) and the Supreme Court of Cassation signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2014 promising cooperation on a number of initiatives, including the National Backlog Reduction Plan, website development, and the launch of an information desk at the court building.  While the information desk and the new website are the most visible examples of USAID’s assistance, with SPP’s support, the Supreme Court has also taken the lead on several policy initiatives, including electronic filing pilot programs in three courts, harmonizing court practices, and better use of case management and financial data.  

The Supreme Court’s website provides extensive information about the court, its judges, and daily activities.  Judges, lawyers, and citizens can access the website and search a database of court practices.  This valuable tool for legal research will help ensure consistent rulings by judges throughout the country and explain how complex legislation is applied in practice.  This is the third website in Serbia that the USAID SPP helped develop and launch, including the websites of the National Assembly in 2011 and the High Court Council earlier this year.

"The United States supports judicial reform as an important component of Serbia’s EU accession effort," said Ambassador Kirby.  "It is very encouraging to see Serbia’s judicial leaders taking practical, meaningful steps to expand judicial transparency".

By the end of the year, SPP will have spent over USD 70,000 to provide more accessible and transparent justice through its joint activities with the Supreme Court of Cassation.  The SPP will continue to support Serbian courts’ efforts to improve judicial independence, case processing efficiency, and transparent and responsive administration of justice.