Uzbek Company Connects to New Markets, Triples Production

Alisher Abdullajonov, founder of VOOLEN TEKS (left) negotiating trade deals during B2B meeting
Alisher Abdullajonov, founder of VOOLEN TEKS, left, negotiates trade deals during a business-to-business meeting in Almaty organized by USAID.
USAID Regional Economic Cooperation Project
Trade events help construction company expand exports to Kazakhstan
“We have been able to showcase and promote our high-quality products with no costs for advertising, and network with business counterparts and sign trade contracts.”

Jan. 2015—Business owner Alisher Abdullajonov, founder of VOOLEN TEKS, had long wanted to expand his company’s exports to Kazakhstan, but was hindered by a lack of business contacts with Kazakhstani importers. After contacting the Tashkent Chamber of Commerce and Industry and inquiring about how to expand into new markets, Abdullajonov was referred to a USAID project that significantly changed the course of his business.

USAID’s Regional Economic Cooperation (REC) project works to increase trade across Central Asian borders. Representatives of VOOLEN TEKS, which produces construction materials such as gypsum powder and plasterboards used in drywall, participated in several events organized by REC. The events included a Kazakh-Uzbek business-to-business meeting in July 2013 focused on increasing trade between the two countries and showcasing export-ready products. The meeting brought together more than 50 Kazakh and 30 Uzbek entrepreneurs.

Another event, the Central Asian Trade Forum and Trade Fair, was held in October 2013. The forum facilitates export partnership opportunities and encourages cross-border trade among entrepreneurs, business associations and firms to strengthen the export competitiveness of Central Asian states. The event also features a trade fair where regional companies such as VOOLEN TEKS display their products and form cross-border connections.

As a result of its participation in REC events, VOOLEN TEKS has signed contracts with three Kazakhstani companies. Six railroad cars with gypsum plasterboards worth $60,000 have already been delivered to Kazakhstan. The production capacity of the company has also dramatically increased from 600 to 2,000 plasterboards per day. VOOLEN TEKS can now deliver $120,000 worth of products per month.

In addition, while networking with the participants of the Central Asian Trade Forum, Abdullajonov learned that there is a great demand for facing brick in the Kazakhstani construction market. VOOLEN TEKS subsequently expanded its product line to include the brick, confident that the new product will increase company profits in both the Uzbek and Kazakhstani construction markets.

“As a result of participating in USAID forums and meetings organized by the Regional Economic Cooperation (REC) project, we have been able to showcase and promote our high-quality products with no costs for advertising, and network with business counterparts and sign trade contracts,” said Abdullajonov.

Kazakhstani buyers are optimistic about their long-term partnership with VOOLEN TEKS, and Abdullajonov is looking forward to upcoming Central Asian Trade Forums to find new partners and new business.

The REC project runs from September 2011 to September 2016.


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