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Digital Gender Gap   Gender Equality = Smarter Development

Digital technology has the power to create connections, foster learning, accelerate financial transactions,and provide life-saving information. Learn more in: Closing the Digital Gender Gap [PDF, 541KB]


At USAID, we believe that gender equality and women’s empowerment are not just a part of development but at the core of development. Gender Equality = Smarter Development

feed the future   feed the future

How much does food production need to increase throughout the world? What is key to enhancing production? Learn more in How to Fight Hunger.


What is the key to increasing a country's GDP, lowering HIV infections, increasing food production, and increasing participation in politics? Find out by reading Why Invest in Women.

household game changers   learning squared

What simple household items can change the life of someone in a poor country? Find out in Household Game Changers.


How exactly does education change wages, productivity, GDP, agricultural output, and life span? Discover the answers at Learning Squared.

mobile phones   plus five

How do mobile phones empower the poor? Read Mobile Phones: Tackling Poverty.


What simple methods can save the lives of millions of children? See Saving 5 million children.

mobile phones   learning out of poverty

A woman dies every two minutes from childbirth. How to stop it? Read Saving Moms at Birth.


How exactly is a person's life different because of education? Find out at Learning Out of Poverty.

mobile phones    

How many households escape poverty only to slide back in again later? Read Resilience and Sustainable Poverty Escapes.