Remarks by Gloria D. Steele, Mission Director, Tebow CURE Hospital - Opening and Ribbon-Cutting

Thursday, April 30, 2015

[As Prepared]

Introductory Greetings.

Maayong gabi sa inyong tanan! Good evening everyone!

USAID is very honored to be part of the work that CURE International is doing at the Tebow CURE Hospital. We appreciate the support of Sacred Harvest and Tim Tebow who was born in the Philippines and is now an instrument to bring physical and spiritual healing to thousands of children.

What’s so special about the Tebow CURE Hospital is its commitment to treat children regardless of their ability to pay; it provides critical services to those in most need who otherwise would not be able to access care.

U.S. Embassy Manila’s United States Agency for International Development (USAID) partners with Tebow CURE Hospital to help underserved children in Mindanao -- where USAID invests almost a third of its resources on education, health, economic development, and governance, and environment.

Meanwhile, USAID is working to improve the health of all Filipinos, ensuring that men and women can raise healthy families and that young people can pursue more opportunities, unlocking their potential to advance prosperity and stability throughout the nation.

USAID has a long history of including persons with disability within our programs and activities. We share this vision with Tebow CURE Hospital's charitable focus of helping children with disability. Recently, USAID implemented two disability grants in the Philippines geared towards promoting participation and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWDs) . One of the grants assisted 500 PWDs to help improve their access to gainful employment and livelihood opportunities.

Globally, USAID partners with U.S.-based private voluntary organizations and faith-based organizations working in development and humanitarian assistance, which is why we also support CURE International’s work in Mindanao. Through USAID’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program, we provide assistance to schools, libraries, and medical centers outside the United States that serve as study and demonstration centers for American ideas and practices. Since 1947, USAID’s ASHA program has assisted more than 250 institutions in over 70 countries and currently manages a worldwide portfolio of more than 100 awards. In the Philippines, USAID ASHA has invested more than Php 826 million ($19.2 million) over the last 55 years.

We are excited that the Tebow CURE Hospital will not only assist underprivileged children but also inspire more people and organizations to help others.

To everyone who is a part of this Grand Opening Gala Celebration, Congratulations! As we say here in the Philippines, “Mabuhay!”

Thank you very much.

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