Flag of Panama


  • Photo Credit: USAID/Panama

María Leisa Rodríguez manages the bountiful harvests of her farm.
Women Farmers Form Alliance
The Harpy Eagle, a majestic bird of prey, is Panama’s National Bird.
Youngsters Push to Save Eagle
The video conference in Panama
Prosecutors Team Up to Fight Corruption

About Panama

In 2012, Panama joined Chile, South Korea, and Poland as countries that have successfully reached the point at which they can propel their own development without the need for significant U.S. assistance.

USAID worked in Panama for 50 years to advance the country’s economic and social development, preserve its environment, and enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of Panamanians. Amongst its many fruitful partnerships, USAID supported outreach centers that provided safe environments to youth at risk of joining gangs, and implemented environmental programs that promoted sound management of forests and natural resources in the Darien province - one of the world’s most biologically diverse regions. USAID also contributed to judicial sector reform and assisted in strengthening Panama’s civil society.

USAID’s work was always done in partnership with public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations, small producers, entrepreneurs, communities, and many others. Although we closed our field office in Panama, USAID left a proud legacy in the development gains we supported over the decades and the capacity we helped develop. Our legacy in the country - more than our projects or infrastructure - is in the hands of our partners who continue to support the country’s development efforts.



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U.S. Embassy in Panama – for information please contact: panamaweb@state.gov