USAID Helps Farmers Access to Loans

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
AAC Lushnja staff accompanied Dr. Johnson during her visits to two SAVS program beneficiaries.

USAID Country Representative, Dr. Cate Johnson visited two agribusinesses and met with more than 30 farmers in the Berat regions with Mr. Gramos Osmani, Director of Agriculture Loans of Intesa San Paolo Bank.  The aim of the meeting was to present to the farmers the farm record keeping book prepared by USAID’ local solution partners, AAC-Lushnja and Creative Business Solutions, in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture. Farmers expressed concern for access to loans over $10,000 and government subsidies, which require a property title as condition for loan—a document the majority of farmers do not have. High interest rates remain one of the factors causing farmers to hesitate to apply for loans. Mr. Osmani stated that farmers, who present a properly filled farmer’s book, are more likely to receive preferential conditions and interest rates.