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March/April 2013

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“I realize that there are among us those who are weary of sustaining this continual effort to help other nations. But I would ask them to look at a map and recognize that many of those whom we help live on the ‘front lines’ of the long twilight struggle for freedom—that others are new nations posed between order and chaos—and the rest are older nations now undergoing a turbulent transition of new expectations. Our efforts to help them help themselves, to demonstrate and to strengthen the vitality of free institutions, are small in cost compared to our military outlays for the defense of freedom.” —John F. Kennedy, Special Message to the Congress on Foreign Aid, March 13, 1962
President Kennedy addresses a group of USAID Mission Directors and Deputy Mission Directors in the White House Rose Garden in Wa
President Kennedy addresses a group of USAID Mission Directors and Deputy Mission Directors in the White House Rose Garden in Washington, DC, June 8, 1962.
Robert Knudsen, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston

T. Charles Cooper, Assistant Administrator for Legislative and Public Affairs
Ann Doyle,  Deputy Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs


Kelly Ramundo, Editor-in-Chief
Claire McIntyre, Production Editor
Angela Rucker, Writer/Editor
Patricia Adams, Photo Librarian


AFGE – Willy Hardin
AFR – Susan Quinn
AFSA – Francisco Zamora
ASIA – Jan Cartwright, Joseph Truong
CFBCI – Rachel Rose
DCHA – Rebecca Gustafson, Jessica Hartl
E3 – Jane Stanley, Elisa Walton, Ranta Russell
EE – Michael Hathaway
GC – Harmony Wade
OTI  Evan Papp
GH – Lindsey Kirn, Chris Thomas
IDEA – Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno
IG – Debra Scott
LAC – Gabriela Chojkier
LPA – Barbara Bennett
M – Lauren Gabler
ME – Hope Bryer, Moran Banai
SEC – Dwayne Moore, Lorraine Meehan

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