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The FrontLines podcast is the audio companion to the FrontLines magazine. FrontLines features articles about USAID: International development and humanitarian assistance efforts around the world, and the people efforts. It is produced every two months and distributed electronically and in print to over 32,000 subscribers.

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Kakum Rope Walk. Credit: Kelly Ramundo
In 1995, with support from USAID, Ghana opened a first-of-its kind attraction for Africa-- a canopy ropewalk at Kakum National Park that offers visitors a bird's eye view of the forest. FrontLines editor Kelly Ramundo travelled to Kakum in May of 2013 to document the nexus between tourism, food security and the country's recent economic transformation.
resident Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice gave the keynote address at the USAID-sponsored Saving Lives at Birth Gran
Becoming a mother is always slightly scary, but for millions of women who don't have access to trained doctors, modern equipment or even electricity... it's downright daunting. In late July, USAID co-hosted a 3-day meeting of the minds and grant-seeking competition called Saving Lives at Birth, announcing 22 innovators who will receive funding to bring their bold ideas to save the lives of mothers and newborns in developing countries to life. The event was part of a Grand Challenges series where a consortium of governments and foundations ask innovators worldwide to help solve the most serious global problems.
In Mozambique, Food Is for Peace and Much More
What began as food distribution in response to a crisis is today supporting a wide array of development goals. With the needs changing on the ground, the historic Food for Peace program has proven to be an extremely versatile development tool in rural Mozambique.
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Asilya Gemmal, 14, of Gure Tebeno Union, proudly displays her land certificate obtained from the Ethiopian Government with USAID
Land tenure, or helping people in developing countries establish clear rights to their property, is a little-known issue that is nonetheless essential to the global fight on poverty. This podcast explains the issue and how the U.S. Government is helping secure property rights around the globe. It is based on an interview with USAID's land tenure division chief.
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USAID helps small-scale farmers and business people in Kenya acquire the skills, technology, loans, and market connections they
In 2009, after world food prices spiked and millions of people faced crises, the United States pledged to renew its focus on agriculture. And the presidential initiative Feed the Future became the U.S. Government's main vehicle to improve people's access to safe and nutritious foods, chiefly by supporting the smallholder farmers who grow them. New investments in science -- everything from vitamin-packed crops, to drought-resistant cereals, are central to this effort.