Women Education Center


USAID’s Women Education Center (WEC) is a two-year workforce development public-private partnership with Insert, Ltd., Everest, Ltd., and the Municipality of Ruma. The center provides vocational training to women to improve the quality of their skills to reflect the needs of industries in the Srem district.  By doing so, the center provides industries with a labor force that is able to meet market demands, providing for growth in export-oriented industries such a shoes, leather, and furniture.


To update the labor skills of women in the district, WEC provides training to working-age women free of charge. The WEC’s training courses are sector-specific and tailored to private sector needs in shoe, leather, and furniture production. It also provides versatile soft-skill training in English and Information technology.  To ensure success, market responsiveness, and eventual job placement, WEC cooperates closely with state institutions, local schools, private sector businesses, and local governments. 

Project funded by:

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Serbia); a General Development Alliance (GDA) realized in partnership with Insert, Ltd., Everest, Ltd., and the Ruma Municipality.

Project implemented by:

Women Education Center

Where we work:

Srem District

Project duration:

June 2015 – December 2016

Total GDA amount: $839,200

USAID contribution: $300,000

Private sector contribution: $539,200


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