Women’s Legal Protection Project

Start date: October 1, 2014 End date: September 30, 2017
Implementer: The Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women in Macedonia (ESE), in partnership with Open Gate La Strada, and the Coalition for Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities.


Provision of adequate legal protection for women victims of all forms of gender based violence and discrimination, including domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking in persons, and sex work.


  • Conduct an assessment of legal landscape for protection of GBV victims through court case monitoring and training of judges on international standards based on the Convention for Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Increase the level of awareness among the victims on the court system and procedures for their protection through the development of guides.
  • Identify obstacles and prepare amendments to laws to improve protection of GBV victims.
  • Strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to use international and regional mechanisms to protect women's rights and assist in the preparation of cases for strategic litigation. Provide direct legal help to women victims of violence.

Expected Results/Impact

  • Court monitoring of 142 court cases/ 852 court hearings conducted and court protection assessments provided to vulnerable categories of women victims of violence.
  • Capacities of 20 judges strengthened to apply international human rights standards for protection, as stipulated in the UN Committee for Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
  • Raised awareness among victims about the court system and procedures for their protection.
  • Prepared recommendations for advancing, changing, and amending existing laws in accordance with the specific needs of each vulnerable group of women victims of violence.
  • Report on Follow-up issues prepared and submitted to (CEDAW Committee).
  • The capacities of 10 civil society organizations strengthened to use international and regional mechanisms for protection of women's human rights (an optional protocol to CEDAW and European Court of Human Rights).
  • Six cases initiated for strategic litigation.
  • Free legal aid and assistance provided to 700 women victims of violence and gender based discrimination.

Contact Information

Contact at USAID: Melita Cokrevska, AOR, mcokrevska@usaid.gov
Chief of Party: Jasminka Friscik, jasminkafriscik@esem.org.mk
Information Officer: Marija Gelevska, marijagelevska@esem.org.mk