Start date:  June 10, 2013                             
End date:    June 9, 2015
Project budget:  $ 600,000
Implementer:  DETRA Center


Enhance the performance of vital Macedonian organizations deemed key for the development of the country and for the objectives that USAID Macedonia wants to achieve in the Democracy & Governance and Education sectors.


        1) Work with a selected number of organizations and associations to strengthen their structure, advance their working processes,
             and elevate the skills and knowledge of their human capital:

  • Upgrade organizational structures and streamline selected workflows in a number of public and non-governmental organizations.
  • Assist specific departments or units within institutions to improve key functions important for any of the sectors in which USAID is engaged. 

2) Strengthen linkages across institutions and improve important processes to provide better services to the private sector and Macedonian citizens.

Expected Results/Impact

  • The performance of a number of organizations in all three sectors will be enhanced.
  • Interconnected processes across a number of entities will be improved.
  • Specific departments/units/functions within institutions will be strengthened.

Due to its crosscutting nature, this project will coordinate with and offer assistance to other USAID projects whenever institutional performance improvement is needed.  The project will also coordinate, as any holistic performance improvement methodology prescribes, with other donors and host government agencies in implementing various performance solutions in the selected institutions/associations.

Contact Information
Contact at USAID:  Ivica Vasev, AOR,
Chief of Party:  Valbona Morina-Maksut,  
Information Officer: Aleksandra Simoska,