Open Parliament Initiative


For legislative bodies to be effective, they must be comprised of legislators connected to their constituents. Furthermore, their constituents must have the means and channels to make their positions known to their elected representatives. The Open Parliament Initiative (OPI) is a two-year direct grant implemented by the Center for Research Transparency and Accountability (CRTA). OPI’s purpose is to establish and enhance links among the Serbian Parliament, Serbian citizens, and Serbian civil society organizations (CSOs). By increasing transparency and outreach of the Parliament, this activity will ensure that there are more opportunities for government policies and decisions to be debated, scrutinized, and subjected to public opinion.


To achieve these goals, OPI works directly with Members of Parliament (MPs) and the parliamentary staff to build their capacity to engage with CSOs and citizens and to represent their interests. The project simultaneously works with CSOs and citizens, helping them to develop the mechanisms and practices that foster greater communication with Parliament and greater accountability among public officials. CSOs are trained on various aspects of parliamentary democracy, which improves their understanding of parliamentary processes and roles and makes them more effective in making their voices heard. OPI also organizes events and activities that bring citizens closer to the Parliament and increases citizen awareness of public policy.

OPI understands that access to data and information are essential for making informed decisions. The project will continue to upgrade and promote the previously established Open Parliament website (, an online portal that allows users to more easily access relevant information about parliamentary practices, procedures, and statistics. OPI will also conduct research and media campaigns to raise awareness about parliamentary activities and issues of civic importance.

Project funded by:

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Serbia)

Project implemented by:

Center for Research Transparency and Accountability (CRTA)

Key counterparts:

Members of Parliament, Civil Society Organizations, Journalists.

Where we work:


Project duration:

March 2015 – March 2017

Total amount: $350,000

USAID contribution: $300,000

CRTA contribution: $50,000


Nušiceva street 7/16
11000 Belgrade
Phone: (+381) 11 303 5014
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