Modernizing the Inspection Authorities Project

Start date: September, 2016                  End date: September, 2020    

Implementer:Center for Development Policies IDEAS DePo Skopje


The overall objective of the Modernizing the Inspection Authorities Project is to introduce a modern, business-friendly, and predictable inspection system to enhanced the efficiency of inspection authorities by implementing best practices and principles in the inspection process.


Component 1: Streamline the legal framework of the inspection system for increased efficiency and better compliance with regulations.

Component 2: Improved knowledge and skills of inspectors in specific areas for increased effectiveness in  supervising  inspections.

Component 3: Improved effectiveness of the inspection bodies and the inspection system through implementation of an e-governance software solution.

Expected Results

  • A clear and reliable legal and institutional framework developed through an inclusive process that identifies and amends inefficient, inconsistent, and overlapping laws and regulations.
  • Modern standards, techniques and tools introduced for efficient inspection through a voluntary compliance approach that includes risk analysis principles and checklists for standardized inspection supervision.
  • Procedures to enable sustainable and continued enforcement of modern inspection practices introduced.
  • Inspection authorities able to identify, plan, and implement training programs which are required for inspectors' career development.
  • Skills and knowledge of inspectors enhanced.
  • A functional electronic system introduced that offers better planning and risk management of the inspections, and improves the efficiency, transparency, and accountability.
  • International best practices exchanged with local and regional partners.

Contact Information

Contact at USAID: Meri Cuculoska,AOR

Chief of Party: AleksandarShahov

Information Officer: Irena Petkova