Macedonia Media: Family Markovski

Start date: September 16, 2016 Duration: December 30, 2017
Implementer: ArtProject Lab


The goal of this project is to increase access to balanced information on issues of public interest through a high quality, crowd-pleasing TV show with an innovative format. The project will produce balanced, entertaining, non-partisan TV content that provides analysis of Macedonia’s main social problems and raises the awareness of key citizens’ issues.


The project will create a “mocumentary” or “docu-comedy” – a new TV show in which the current political, social, educational, and cultural events will be presented and analyzed through the everyday life of a “typical” Macedonian family, the Markovski Family. The show will have eight, 42 minute episodes, which will include actual TV footage of debates already screened or staged for the show with well-known activists, journalists, experts, and/or politicians.

Expected Results/Impact

  • Increased pluralism of quality content in the Macedonian media environment;
  • Increased citizens’ awareness about the everyday issues of common concerns;
  • Viewers actively engaged in the public discussion and deliberation of matters of public concern.

Contact Information

Contact at USAID: Sladjana Srbinoska, AOR
Chief of Party: Emilija Cockova;