LGBTI Inclusion Project

Start date: September 26, 2016 End date: March 23, 2018
Implementer: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of Republic of Macedonia


To improve integration of LGBTI community members in society and advance LGBTI rights in Macedonia.


  • Institutional Capacity Development: To support increased access to networking opportunities of LGBTI community members and promote engagement of LGBTI community members with the broader CSO community and local and national institutions. To provide workshops for community members to strengthen skills for self-organization and advocacy.
  • Awareness Raising: Increase awareness of LGBTI rights, build alliances between LGBTI organizations, human rights organizations, and media CSOs to combat violence, hate speech, and other discriminatory narratives. To support a public information campaign with production of video stories of people with different sexual orientations. To train medical practitioners on health rights and the needs of transgender individuals.
  • To ensure access to a safe place for vulnerable members of the community by establishing a “Safe House” that offers accommodations, counseling, job-readiness training, sports activities, and arts and music workshops..

Expected Results/Impact

  • 1500 individuals engaged in training activities, project events, and initiatives;
  • 10 video stories produced about people with different sexual orientations;
  • Joint initiatives with the Ombudsman’s Office on cases of discrimination of LGBTI community members;
  • Training organized for local support groups on possible advocacy activities ;
  • “Pride Weekend” events organized with activities that include photography and arts exhibitions, public discussions, concerts, and other cultural events;
  • Analysis of legal models for trans-gender rights completed and related policy recommendations submitted to relevant institutions;
  • 3 investigative journalism stories published;
  • 15 school psychologists and pedagogues trained on dealing with victims of homophobic bullying in schools;
  • Safe House established;
  • Individual counseling provided with support sessions for Safe House beneficiaries
  • 12 training courses delivered to Safe House beneficiaries.

Contact Information
Contact at USAID: Antoaneta Skartova, AOR,
Chief of Party: Kocho Andonovski
Information Officer: Vildan Drpljanin