Enhancing Local Resilience to the Migration Crisis Project

Enhancing Local Resilience to the Migration Crisis Project
USAID funded the reconstruction of the Center for Social Welfare in Subotica.
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Since the summer of 2015, more than one million migrants have passed through Serbia.  With the closing of the “Balkan Route” in the fall of 2016, some 8,000 migrants have been forced to stay in Serbia for longer periods of time.

Recognizing that the migration crisis has overwhelmed municipal infrastructure and resources, USAID launched the Enhancing Local Resilience to the Migration Crisis Project.  The 18-month, $1.3 million project works with Serbian municipalities most affected by the crisis to help them cope with the effects of the crisis.


To improve municipal infrastructures and services, the project works with local governments to carry out local needs assessments and prioritize activities that have the greatest health and social impacts. The project improves municipal services such as waste management, water supply, wastewater treatment, and social and health services.  The upgraded services benefit the local populations and migrants currently staying in or near the affected municipalities.


  • Reconstructed the Center for Social Welfare in Subotica. The renovation of the center provided better conditions for its 60 employees and better services to its beneficiaries, including a large number of migrants;
  • Reconstructed the Vašarište fairground in Kanjiža used as a temporary transit center for refuges during the migrant crisis. The grounds now serve as a main location for various local fairs and festivities;
  • Donated ten large containers for solid waste and a new liquid waste cleaning truck to the Šid municipality to ensure better waste management services for local residents and three reception centers in the municipality.

Project funded by:

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Serbia)

Project implemented by:

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Key counterparts:

Ministry for Public Administration and Local Self-governments; Commissariat for Refugees and Migration

Where we work:

Preševo, Šid, Kanjiža, Subotica, Bosilegrad, Kikinda, Lajkovac, Tutin, Sombor

Project duration:

August 2016 – March 2018

Total Amount:



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