Electronic Government Resource Center Phase II

  • Duration: 
    Aug 2013 – Dec 2017
  • Value: $3.9 million


USAID’s Electronic Government Resource Center Phase II (EGRC-II) project builds upon the successes of its phase I and enhances the policymaking capabilities of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT). Through a state-of-the-art resource center, EGRC-II aims to help the Afghan government to use information and communication technology to improve operations, increase transparency, and promote efficient service delivery.

EGRC-II provides technical expertise, skills, and guidance in distributing and utilizing e-government solutions throughout the ministries and agencies of the Afghan government. The e-government solutions make the government offices more competent in responding to citizens’ service requests such as passport and identification card applications. The e-government solutions also help the MoCIT in effectively implementing key legislative, policy, and strategic reforms needed for a thriving technology-driven private sector.


  • Establish the E-Government Resource Center (EGRC) to help the Afghan government implement streamlined, modern, and effective electronic services.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive cyber security and e-government strategies to reduce corruption and safeguard government information.
  • Help the Afghan government develop legislation, policies, and regulations on preventing cyber-crime and ensuring cyber security.


  • Finalized the review of EGRC architectural drawings, E-Government Strategic Plan, training and certification plan, and the Human Resource plan.
  • Designed office floor plans and provided furniture and computer equipment for the Resource Center (to be located on the 15th floor of the MoCIT building).
  • Trained 300 Afghan government employees on E-Government and Information Technology.
  • Finalized the e-government implementation plan with 10 Afghan Ministries.
  • Finalized the cyber security plan and the implementation method.
  • Completed the e-government service plan and portal plan.


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