Defending Human Rights Project

Start date: September 2, 2014
End date: September 1, 2017
Project budget: $681,194
Implementer: Macedonian Young Lawyers Association

Advancing human rights protection in Macedonia through legal education and empowerment of legal professionals and civil society organizations (CSOs).

  • Developing Capacities of Human Rights Lawyers: Provide training to law students and young legal professionals in the human rights area and create a pool of human rights lawyers. Opportunities for internship at courts, Public Prosecutor Office, State Attorney’s Office, and lawyers’ offices will be provided to law students and young lawyers who have completed the project’s basic and advanced human rights training.
  • Strategic Litigation: A free-of-charge telephone line will be established for the citizens to report human rights violations. Citizens will be provided free legal aid including advice and representation of cases before domestic and the European Court of Human Rights. Two reports with analysis regarding the human rights respect in Macedonia will be prepared and presented to public.
  • Enhancing the Role of Civil Society Organizations on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights: Strengthen the capacities of selected CSOs for advocacy in the human rights area, and establish a coalition of CSOs and human rights lawyers. The project will support the coalition’s public education and awareness raising campaign.

Expected Results/ Impact
  • A pool of 30 human rights lawyers established;
  • 300 law students and young legal professionals trained on protection of human rights and rule of law;
  • Free legal advice on human rights violation provided to citizens;
  • 60 cases related to human rights violation represented before domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Public awareness and knowledge about human rights increased;
  • Two reports with analysis of the human rights status in Macedonia; and
  • 15 civil society organizations have capacity to advocate for human rights protection in the country.

Contact Information
Contact at USAID: Antoaneta Skartova, AOR,
Chief of Party: Zharko Aleksov,
Information Officer: Maja Kalanoska,