Nepal Peace Support Project (NPSP)

In 2003, upon the request of the Government of Nepal, USAID provided technical and financial support to institutionalize the newly formed Peace Secretariat and the peace negotiation process. This assistance eventually led to the USAID-supported Nepal Transition to Peace (NTTP) Initiative in 2005. The project was designed to build Nepali capacity to engage in the peace process; create an inclusive multi-party dialogue to address stakeholders’ concerns; and institutionalize government peace structures. The NTTP Forum was formed during this phase and accepted as an informal conflict negotiation forum convened by two national facilitators. The NTTP has been recognized by the government, major political parties and civil society groups as an inclusive negotiation mechanism that supports national peace process, constitution writing and political transition.

The NTTP evolved as a trusted negotiation space resulting in successful and structured negotiations on major issues of peace processes, including the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). In 2009, the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR) and other peace stakeholders requested USAID to continue its assistance to further the peace process. As a result, the work that started with NTTP took its new form as the Nepal Peace Support Project (NPSP).


The five-year, $4.1 million Nepal Peace Support Project hosts the Nepal Transition to Peace (NTTP) Forum where political leaders have the opportunity to navigate difficult political subjects and negotiate policy for top-level decision makers’ consideration. NTTP supports policy dialogues covering the constitution drafting process, state restructuring decisions, truth and reconciliation commission legislation, Maoist-seized territory disposition, minority-led unrest, and ex-combatant voluntary retirement and military integration.

NTTP is used extensively by Nepal‘s political parties to facilitate peace process conciliation and political compromise. The project will conclude January, 2015. During the last six months of the project the focus will be on creating a Nepali managed institution called the Nepal Transition To Peace Institute (NTTP-I) to continue the work of the NTTP Forum in addressing a range of issues stemming from the CPA and drafting and implementing a new constitution, state restructuring, and ensuring the Forum‘s sustainability.

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