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USAID's final three programs were its Economic Growth Project, its Good Governance Activity, and its Persons with Disabilities Initiative.

Economic Growth Project (2010-2013)

The USAID Economic Growth Project ensured that Montenegro's economy was expanding and meeting requirements for EU membership by increasing economic opportunities in Montenegro’s less-developed northern regions by supporting tourism, agriculture, and agribusiness.

The Economic Growth Project promoted the region’s beauty and its potential for outdoor activities such as hiking and cross-country bicycling. It introduced new technologies and provided training, study trips, and product development for agricultural producers and processors to meet the increasing demand for natural food products.

Good Governance Activity (2010-2013)

USAID’s Good Governance Activity consolidated and secured the reforms that USAID had previously achieved with Montenegro’s governing bodies and the judiciary.

As a continuation of earlier programs, the project helped develop transparent, responsive government institutions and strengthened civil society and the private sector as effective counterparts to those institutions. It has improved business regulation and the business-enabling environment, supported oversight and anti-corruption efforts, and enhanced judicial administration.

Persons with Disabilities Initiative (2010-2013)

The Persons with Disabilities Initiative worked to bring persons with disabilities (PWD) into the economic and social life of their communities and to build the capacities of six organizations assisting PWD.

As a result of the project, people with disabilities are finding jobs and greater acceptance in Montenegrin society, new training programs are available, teachers are being specially trained to work with the disabled, and curricula are being created to offer ongoing assistance to the disabled.