USAID Kicks Off a New Livestock Project in Mali

Monday, February 9, 2015
USAID/Mali Director Gary Juste at the kick-off of a USAID-funded livestock project in Mali

On January 14, USAID/Mali launched a five-year livestock project as part of its Feed the Future activities. The project addresses constraints faced by Malian Livestock producers, including poor animal health due to seasonal volatility of feed and water supplies, loss of traditional pastureland to cropland, and limited capacity of producers to improve their stock and better manage risk as well as suppliers’ lack the knowledge and capacity to effectively market products and services to small producers and herders. Moving Mali’s livestock sector from a traditional production model to focus on commercial production that integrates small producers and women and incorporates marketing and value-added activities will positively transform both the sector and the larger economy.

The project covers two districts in the region of Mopti and will impact 33,000 vulnerable households. With a focus on cattle and small ruminants and capacity building, the project will implement and drive upgrades, promote “best practices” for Sahelian livestock production, leverage opportunities to amplify achievements, integrate inclusiveness and climate change adaptation.

USAID/Mali Director Gary Juste joined the Governor of the Mopti region, local community members, elected officials and a herder community to kick off the project in Bankass. USAID Director Juste also visited a rice processing plant in Mopti as well as a USAID partner community radio station that disseminates information on innovative farming technologies and improved seed production techniques.