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Home to approximately 330,000 people, Maldives’ rich marine life and biodiversity have fueled strong growth in tourism, boosting the economy; however, climate change poses a significant threat to sustained progress. High population density–Maldives is ranked the 11th most densely populated country in the world–and dependence on climate-sensitive industries such as fisheries and tourism exacerbate the impact of climate change. USAID works to strengthen the resilience of Maldivians to the adverse effects of global climate change in two main areas: coastal resource and water management. 

  • Thanks to USAID, a growing number of Maldivians have an increased understanding of how climate change impacts their households, communities and natural environment.

  • USAID helps the government and private sector develop and use tools that enable informed decision-making about coastal resource management.

  • USAID supports Maldivian youth through fellowships and educational opportunities that allow for the exchange of ideas and exposure to local and international expertise about coastal and marine management.

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