USAID Swears In New Mission Director to Lebanon

For Immediate Release

Monday, August 25, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Carolyn “Teddy” Bryan was sworn in as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Mission Director for Lebanon.  In this capacity she will oversee USAID development assistance to the Lebanese people. 

“Ms. Bryan enters as the mission’s leader during a time of great regional instability and political uncertainty, however her experience working in countries and world regions undergoing transition makes her well qualified and prepared for this role,” said USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah.

“Teddy’s experience most recently as one of three USAID Deputy Mission Directors in Kabul, Afghanistan and during a critical time in establishing USAID’s mission in Iraq make her well qualified to head USAID’s mission in Beirut,” noted Middle East Deputy Assistant Administrator Alina Romanowksi.

USAID’s programs in Lebanon promote stability, empower civil society, invest in people and education, support trade and investment initiatives, reinforce water resource management and support the government of Lebanon in its efforts to respond to the needs of local Lebanese communities hosting hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

In her role representing the USAID mission in Lebanon, Ms. Bryan will rely on more than twenty years of experience managing USAID programs and mission operations in Africa, Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East.

“I am excited to return to Lebanon, where I frequently visited as a child. And I am very happy for this next step in my career to apply the experience I’ve acquired managing USAID operations around the world.”

Ms. Bryan was selected to be the first USAID student at the U.S. Army War College for the 2005-2006 academic year where she graduated with a Master’s degree in strategic studies. She obtained Bachelors’ degrees in History and Psychology from the College of William and Mary, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Christopher Newport College. Prior to joining USAID, she was a Certified Public Accountant in the private sector.