Flag of Jordan


female students in a classroom in Jordan
USAID is the largest donor in Jordan’s education sector.

The United States and Jordan have had an established relationship since 1949 and in that time Jordan has transformed from a sparsely populated country with limited road and health services to a country with six million people and significant infrastructure and established government institutions. Today, Jordan boasts an educated workforce and a vibrant business community, and now seeks to become more competitive within the global economy.

As partners in development, we have established pioneering institutions and policies to help Jordan achieve prosperity; built networks of roads, water systems, schools and health services; worked to conserve Jordan’s scarce resources; promoted investment, the growth of new industries, trade, entrepreneurship and tourism; and strengthened the capacity of government and civil society to initiate and sustain reforms necessary to ensure a promising future for all Jordanians.

While Jordan has achieved great progress, the country continues to face serious development challenges, including limited opportunities for citizen engagement in political processes, significant unemployment, rapid population growth, a burgeoning youth population, scarce water and energy resources, and multiple pockets of poverty. USAID will continue to work with the government and the people of Jordan to advance the country’s development priorities and reform agenda.