Flag of Iraq


USAID-branded ship at dock
Delivery of USAID food assistance at the port of Umm Qasr in southern Iraq, which was restored by USAID so that it could receive ships.

Since 2003, USAID has been a major contributor to the U.S. government's efforts in Iraq. U. S. assistance to Iraq has changed substantially over the last few years and will evolve in the years to come. From 2003 to 2006, USAID focused on restoring essential services such as health, education, water and electricity; improving economic opportunities; building the foundation of democratic institutions and governance; and managing conflict. In 2007, the focus shifted to strengthening the effectiveness of government and civil society, expanding private-sector opportunities, supporting stabilization activities and providing humanitarian assistance for internally displaced persons. These types of activities continued until 2009 when U.S. assistance again began to shift from reconstruction to building Iraq's ability to reconstruct and govern itself effectively.

USAID continues to support the objectives of the Strategic Framework Agreement with the Government of Iraq. In concert with other U.S. government agencies, USAID works closely with the Government of Iraq, provincial and local governments, international institutions such as the United Nations and World Bank, and a network of partners including NGOs, local community groups and Iraqi citizens. Our efforts are focused on assisting Iraq in building and sustaining a healthy economy, providing essential human services for Iraqis and achieving full use of its natural resources.