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  • Children playing with water during a water system inauguration in La Lima.

USAID Heroes Comunitarios 2016 Hugo Contreras
Hugo Contreras — A USAID Community Hero in Honduras
José Pérez (right) shows visitors the water storage tank he installed on his farm.
Farmers Learn New Skills and Escape Poverty
USAID has been facilitating the transparent transfer between government administrations
Democratic Transition Without Discord

About Honduras

In Honduras, USAID programs strengthen the participation of marginalized groups in local and national governance; increase food security for the poorest sectors of society; support renewable energy and environmental conservation; expand basic education and skills training for at-risk youth and adults; and enhance citizen access to quality public education and health services by improving the performance of local governments, authorities, and civil society.

Efforts also address citizen security through community-based crime prevention activities. USAID projects work to spur economic growth, advance social justice, improve education and health, engage the poorest members of Honduran society in the country’s development, and support public-private efforts to halt corruption and improve transparency.

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Honduras Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2015-2019

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