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Past editions of Global Waters
Past editions of Global Waters


July: Announcing the Launch of

May: Where WASH Saves Lives: Creating New Traditions in Nepal

March: Treating Wastewater as a Resource

January: A Decade of Improving Lives and Conserving Ecosystems


August: Pipline to Progress

June: A Community Approach to Better Public Health in Rural Liberias

April: Celebrating Water Heroes


June: Feeding Africa’s Hungry

March: Pillars of Water and Development


November: Water, Food, Tech. What's Next?

July: Water for Peace

March: On World Water Day 2014’s theme of water and energy

January: Visibility and Voice: On the Importance of Empowering Women


September: Faith, Water and Development; Improving Efficiency with Multiple-Use Systems in Nepal

June: USAID’s First Water Strategy, Innovations Changing Farming, Importance of Water for Health in Development

March: Embracing Water Cooperation, Innovative Financing, Governance in the Middle East


December: Connecting Conservation and WASH, Partnerships Transform Asia’s Cities, Novel Behavior Change Strategies

August: Future of Fisheries, New Approaches to WASH, Africa’s Students Take on Water

June: WASH in Afghanistan, Flood Relief in Pakistan, the U.S. Water Partnership

March: Improving the Role of Water in Food Security, Technology Changing the Sector, Empowering Women in Bangladesh

January: Biodiversity in LAC, Food Security in Haiti


October: Promoting Resiliency in the Horn of Africa, Building Bridges with Water, Health Education in Tajikistan

August: Climate Change from the Maldives to the Andes, Improving Agricultural Efficiency in Mali, Reducing Emissions in India

May: Empowering Women Farmers in Africa, Watershed Revival in Kenya, Water and Conflict

March: Sustainable Green Technology in the Philippines, Water Innovation for the Urban Poor

January: WASH in Africa, Entrepreneurship for Health in Southeast Asia


November: Addressing the Global Water & Food Crisis, Biodiversity in the Coral Triangle, Treating Wastewater in Morocco

September: Emergency Relief in Haiti, River Basin Management in East Africa