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  • Supporting the Alliance for Prosperity in Central America

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  • Improving education to create more opportunities for children and youth

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  • Partnering for more economic growth and job creation

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  • Innovative alliances for economic growth and more security

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  • Preventing crime by promoting alternatives for youth

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Artisans in El Salvador sell Products in Siman Stores
Artisans in El Salvador sell Products in Siman Stores
Employees process cheese at Agroindustrias San Julian plant.
Improving Environmental Compliance and Competitiveness

About El Salvador

USAID’s assistance program to El Salvador recognizes that the security and economic growth of the Central American region impact the U.S.  In alignment with the U.S. Strategy for Engagement in Central America goals of prosperity, security and good governance, USAID programs support the Alliance for Prosperity and El Salvador’s security plan. Security activities help strengthen the justice system and government accountability, reduce community crime and violence, and improve education for secondary students and out-of-school youth.  Economic assistance helps create a better business environment and to increase productivity and exports, particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  USAID actively builds public-private alliances with civil society, community organizations and the private business sector to sustain program efforts.

Through its Central American Regional Program, USAID supports key foreign assistance objectives that have a regional or global impact including: meaningful citizen security analysis for policy recommendations, youth and community development projects, migration information sharing and humanitarian support, promotion of journalism and freedom of expression, regional trade strengthening, regional environmental activities to address climate change, coastal resources and critical ecosystems, food security programs, gender equality awareness programs and HIV/AIDS prevention projects.

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Contact Information

Mission Contact

Peter Natiello, Mission Director
American Embassy
Final Boulevard Santa Elena
Antiguo Cuscatlán
La Libertad, El Salvador, C.A.
El Salvador
011 (503) 2501-2999
011 (503) 2501-3401

USAID Contact

Jennifer Huynh
, DC 

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