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  • USAID promoted the sustainable use and the conservation of biodiversity.

  • USAID supported the Ecuadorian government in increasing agricultural production and improving the quality of life for rural Ecuadorians.

  • Women in Norther Border areas participated in recycling programs USAID supported in their communities.

  • Strengthening their organizations has enabled the Cofan to recover their cultural identity and ancestral knowledge. (Sucumbios, Ecuador)

  • Environmental education programs teaching about water sources and how to protect them.

Colombian refugees receiving food
Colombian Refugees in Ecuador Gain Long-Term Nutritional Benefits
USAID 53 años juntos por el desarrollo del Ecuador
USAID 53 años juntos por el desarrollo del Ecuador
USAID 53 años colaborando por una ciudadanía ecuatoriana más participativa e incluyente
USAID 53 años colaborando por una ciudadanía ecuatoriana más participativa e incluyente

About Ecuador

USAID has worked in Ecuador ​since 1961 to advance the country’s economic and social development, preserve its environment,​ ​​respond to natural disasters,​ and enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorians.

​For over 50 years, USAID has supported the construction of important infrastructure, including roads and potable water systems; created jobs for tens of thousands of Ecuadorians; provided scholarships for higher education; built nearly 1,000 schools; conserved biodiversity-rich areas, such as​ ​in the Galapagos Islands; increased agricultural production; improved health service delivery for mothers and children; and extended financial services to thousands of Ecuadorians in rural areas. 
We have​ ​​achieved these important development results​ in partnership with​ ​​Ecuador's public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations, small producers, entrepreneurs, communities, and many others. Although​ ​USAID closed our field office in Ecuador in September 2014, ​we are proud ​of the close cooperation and ​the development gains​ ​that we have supported​, ​including the capacity that we have helped to develop in our partners who will continue to support critical development efforts.

USAID continues to support Ecuadorian civil society organizations that promote ​​civil society and citizen engagement with local, regional, and national government, with an emphasis on​ ​the promotion of the freedoms of ​expression and association. 

In April 2016, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck off the coast of northwestern Ecuador, causing at least 663 deaths and affecting more than 240,000 people.  Following a request from the Government of Ecuador for international assistance, USAID mobilized more than 30 disaster specialists to coordinate response activities and provided more than $4.3 million in humanitarian assistance to deliver relief commodities, improve humanitarian coordination, and support health, protection, shelter, and water, sanitation, and hygiene activities in earthquake-affected communities. 


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