October 4, 2017

Economic integration is central to East Africa’s viability and strategic importance as one of the world’s fastest-growing global markets, leading to inclusive economic growth, stability and increased opportunity for the United States and its African partners. With a sustained 6.1 percent growth rate in gross domestic product (GDP), East Africa is ripe for trade and investment.

October 4, 2017

East Africa’s economies are among the fastest-growing
in the world, with technological change sweeping across
the region and offering tremendous opportunities in
agriculture, financial services, medicine, the manufacturing
of textiles and apparel, and trade. Labor and capital are
moving faster and more easily across borders. East African
businesses are better able to access regional and global
markets. Opportunities abound, but the stability and
prosperity of the region will depend on continued regional

September 15, 2017

Good morning.  I am honored to be with you today to celebrate the commendable progress that has been made to protect and conserve the Mara River Basin. Famous all over the world for its beautiful landscapes and rich biodiversity, the Mara-Serengeti attracts millions of tourists each year between July and October to watch the spectacular wildebeest migration. Not only does the Mara River need to be protected because of its one-of-a-kind migration phenomenon and natural beauty, but also because the Mara River is critical for people’s livelihoods in Kenya, Tanzania and throughout the entire East African region.

August 3, 2017

The Peace III program is strengthening the management of conflict along the Kenya/Somalia, Kenya/Ethiopia, Kenya/South Sudan and Kenya/Uganda borders.  The activity promotes stability in the region by strengthening the relationship between communities and local governments in cross-border areas and improving the ability of regional and national institutions to respond rapidly and effectively to conflict.

August 1, 2017

The PREPARED program works with the East African Community (EAC) and its Partner States to adopt resilient strategies that can lessen the impacts of a changing climate. PREPARED strengthens the management of freshwater ecosystems shared across borders (between local governments or countries) and improves access to and supply of drinking water and sanitation services. This activity also pilots innovative approaches to reduce the staggering level of wild animal poaching and has introduced new monitoring tools to mitigate human-animal conflicts that can destroy farmers’ crops and livestock.