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Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Improving the lives of all Zimbabweans.
USAID continues to build on its legacy of support to advance basic democratic principles with the goal of improving the lives of all Zimbabweans.


USAID assists Zimbabweans to promote a more accountable and democratic system of governance.  We continue to build on its legacy of support to advance basic democratic principles with the goal of improving the lives of all.


Advancing Constitutionally Driven Reforms
Although the Constitution has been in effect since 2013, around 400 existing laws have yet to be aligned, including key legislation affecting protection of human rights and freedom of the press and assembly.  We focus on increasing awareness of constitutional rights, roles, and responsibilities and advancing Constitutional alignment of laws, policies, and procedures.  Civil society organizations use a variety of platforms to provide information and support dialogue about constitutional rights, roles, and responsibilities.  USAID also creates opportunities to foster learning and discussion about the Constitution, which not only includes rights such as the right to human dignity and personal security, but also the right to education, health care, water, food, and property.  


Strengthen Systems of Accountability

We strengthen accountability systems by increasing the independence and effectiveness of Parliament; improving democratic electoral processes to reflect better citizen voices; and activating mechanisms for citizen advocacy and oversight. By seeking ways to foster systems of accountability, we incorporate active participation and oversight from citizens with the expectation that this will lead to greater transparency and create incentives for government responsiveness. 


Civil Society

Through USAID support, local civil society organizations improved capacity in planning, outreach, human resource and financial management, and monitoring and evaluation. Our goal is to help the people of Zimbabwe shape and strengthen democratic institutions to make them more responsive and accountable to citizens.  


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