Flag of Central African Republic

Working in Crises and Conflict

Working in Crises and Conflict

In 2012, poor harvests and conflict in the northeast led to food shortages, high food prices, and growing levels of malnutrition. Some people fell ill with measles. In response, USAID coordinated and funded the delivery of medical services, including measles vaccinations and treatment of malnutrition.

Of even greater concern is the ongoing complex emergency involving tens of thousands of people who have been displaced within the Central African Republic due to the activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army in the southeast part of the country. This situation began in early 2010 and continues to require emergency assistance. USAID is responding in the following ways:

  • Providing emergency relief supplies;
  • Meeting emergency needs such as health, nutrition, protection, water, sanitation and hygiene;
  • Supplying food aid; and
  • Coordinating humanitarian efforts and sharing information.

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