Transforming Lives

Participants practice the fish symbol at the launch of Prisana, a short film on human trafficking in the fishing industry.

Fishing is one of the biggest industries in Southeast Asia, and working conditions on fishing boats are often extremely difficult. Highlighting this issue can be challenging, so celebrities who are used to being in the spotlight and can reach millions, are helping to do just that.

Thai celebrities help spread the word on the dangers of keeping wildlife animals as pets.

Demand for wildlife products in China and Southeast Asia is driving many species toward extinction. Taking the spotlight off themselves, celebrities in the region are helping to shine a light on the issue.

A villager works in mangrove forest preservation in Koh Kong, Cambodia.

Mangrove trees serve as a buffer between land and sea in Cambodia, helping to prevent soil erosion and protect livelihoods. They are also vital to conserving the environment because they serve as a carbon “sink”—storing more carbon than they release.

Electric tricycles are replacing gasoline-run tricycles on Boracay Island in the Philippines.

Quiet and clean, e-trikes are all the rage on the streets of Borocay Island in the Philippines. These electric-powered bikes are replacing ubiquitous gasoline-operated tricycles that are one of the main sources of transportation

Tania Khatun and her children enjoy watching the solar-powered television.

Tania Khatun and her family have seen their quality of life improve at the flip of a switch. No longer in the dark, she and her children are enjoying cooler nights and more enjoyable and productive evenings thanks to the sun’s rays collected through new solar panels.