ADS Chapter 462

Employee Evaluation Program, Civil Service

Functional Series 400 – Human Resources

Document Quality Check Date: 10/09/2012
Partial Revision Date: 12/03/2009
Responsible Office: HR/ELR
File Name: 462_100912


The Employee Evaluation Program (EEP) provides a systematic process by which the Agency involves its employees in improving Agency organizational effectiveness by

  • Establishing clear linkages among Agency’s goals, operating unit strategic objectives, and employees’ work;
  • Improving communications concerning organizational objectives and individual career goals;
  • Developing employees’ capacity to perform better;
  • Providing feedback to employees to motivate them to work more effectively, improve their skills, and prepare them for increased responsibilities;
  • Correcting deficiencies and providing both positive and negative feedback (negative feedback must be in writing); and
  • Providing a basis for cash awards, bonuses, and pay adjustments based on performance, and other, non-monetary awards for performance.