GBV Toolkits

USAID's toolkits offers background and guidance on how to address gender-based violence in a variety of sectors.

Forthcoming toolkits include:

  • Scaling-Up GBV Interventions, An Analytical Report: This report will provide types and methods of scaling up, along with factors associated with scale-up successes and failures. It will also provide lessons learned from scaled-up  interventions in four sectors: 1) health, 2) youth and education, 3) democracy and governance, and 4) economic development.
  • GBV in Education and Infrastructure Toolkits & GBV Training:  USAID will fund two resources guides on sector-specific approaches to GBV in the Education sector including school-related GBV, and the infrastructure sector.
  • Child and Early Forced Marriage Toolkit: This toolkit will enable people to understand how to address child, early, and forced marriage through USAID’s development efforts. The toolkit will also help individuals effectively integrate state-of-the-art approaches to child, early, and forced marriage prevention and response into their activities.