AAPD 10-01

AAPD 10-01: Personal Services Contracts -- Changes in USG Reimbursement Amounts for Health Insurance and Physical Examination Costs 

Subject Category:  Personal Services Contracts


The purpose of the AAPD is threefold. It changes:

  1. The percentage of USAID's contribution towards the actual cost of a PSC's annual health insurance,
  2. The maximum annual contribution amounts that USAID will contribute towards the actual cost of a PSC's annual health insurance, and
  3. The reimbursement rate for PSCs and their dependents for the cost of basic physical examinations when required under the terms of the contract.

ACTION REQUIRED: Contracting Officers are required to modify existing USPSC contracts to include the new percentage and maximum contribution amount for health insurance reimbursement and to include the new policy for USAID’s contribution towards the cost of required physical exams, as described more fully in the Guidance section below. New USPSC contracts awarded in the first full pay period after the effective date of this AAPD must include the new reimbursement rate for a PSC and dependents for the cost of required basic physicals. Contracting Officers are also asked to make their respective Controller and Program Offices aware of the changes and increase in funding that may be needed.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 12:00pm