Sports Field Unifies Kosovo Village

A place for youth to socialize
Goran Vasić is proud of the newly constructed sports field.
USAID Community Action Initiative Program
Youth now safer as games move off streets
“The construction of this sports field made [us] realize how important it is to work together on something that will bring good to our children."

It’s hard to imagine a world without games. Sports and games are an integral part of everyday life in all communities. They not only help residents develop a sense of connection with their neighbors, local community and environment, but also bring together people of widely differing backgrounds, professions, ethnicities and religions while their families and friends cheer from  the sidelines.

Until recently, the residents of Korilje/Korilë in Kosovo's Zvecan municipality did not have this opportunity, because there was no sports field to play soccer or basketball. This agrarian village counts about 200 residents and, like many other villages, has a large number of unemployed youth who are forced to socialize and practice sports in potentially dangerous places, such as roads and streets.

But thanks to USAID's Community Action Initiative Program, a sports field was built in Korilje/Korilë in July 2013.

“In this village, there are many children and young people, and all of them used to play on the village road. So far, there were no accidents, but the fact that our children are playing in the street was stressful for the whole community. My generation didn’t have the opportunity to play in a sports field, but now we were able to provide this sports field for our children to play safely, and we are grateful to our donor,” explains resident Goran Vasić.

Vasić says that the whole community was engaged in carrying out the project. “The construction of this sports field made residents of this village realize how important it is to work together on something that will bring good to our children,” says Vasić.

USAID’s Community Action Initiative Program, a four-year program that runs from July 2010-July 2014, supports community development and infrastructure rehabilitation in 40 Kosovo communities, builds strong civil society organizations, and improves economic and employment opportunities.