USAID Environmental Compliance

USAID promotes environmentally sound design by requiring that all USAID funded activities undergo an environmental impact assessment. This is accomplished through an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), an Environmental Assessment (EA) or a Request for a Categorical Exclusion, all in accordance with Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 216, commonly known as 22 CFR 216 or "Reg 216." See Summary of Reg. 216 for an overview.

The USAID Environmental Compliance Database – How to Use It

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This searchable database contains copies of the environmental impact assessments prepared and approved by USAID Regional and Global Bureaus. The database is updated as new documents are approved.

There are three tabs for entering search criteria:

  • Bureaus
  • Countries
  • Advanced Search options

The first tab (Bureaus) allows you to specify what Bureaus and sub-regions or offices you’d like to search on.

The second tab (Countries) can be used to search for one or more specific countries.

The third tab allows you to search by other fields, namely:

  • Document Title
  • Activity start or end date
  • File Number
  • Expiration date (if there is a separate one)
  • Fiscal Year approved
  • Document approval date
  • Type of document
  • Specific conditions
  • Threshold determination

There is also a “Document Text Search” function in the Advanced Tab that allows you to perform text searches across all documents. This can be used in conjunction with other search criteria to limit results or as a standalone search function.

Displayed search results provide a link to summary information about the assessment document and a link to the actual document itself.

Any questions on this database can be directed to the USAID Environmental Database mailbox.