Investing In The Future One Crop At A Time: USAID West Bank and Gaza

USAID invests in Palestinian agriculture to boost the local economy, provide jobs, and transform agribusiness into a globally competitive industry. USAID partners with farmers to increase quantity, quality, and exports of produce.

Video Transcript 
They say you are what you eat, but what about what you grow? For the past 7 years, USAID has been helping the Palestinian people grow more and better food. Partnering with farmers who are innovators and entrepreneurs. Providing the knowledge, tools, and skills so they can compete in a global economy. Improving the quality of produce and increasing its quantity. Introducing Palestinian exports to the world. USAID works with 9 out of 10 herb farmers in the West Bank and all of its carrot farmers. In just 2 years the value of herb export has nearly tripled. In 1 year farmers harvest 9 times as many carrots as before. USAID connects West Bank date companies with international buyers and empowers a new class of strawberry farmers with modern tools so their fruit looks and tastes the best. In just 2 years these companies export 5 times as much as before. In 1 year these strawberry farmers use 1/3 less water to produce more and better fruit. USAID's work supporting olives, avocados, strawberries, potatoes, dates, carrots, and new crops like sweet potatoes is growing markets, increasing job opportunities, and helping the Palestinian economy stand on its own. In the last year alone Palestinians are exporting $24 million more. USAID invests in agriculture. USAID invests in YOU.