Financing Connections for Fishing

Meet Herbert, Karim, and Vidal. Thanks to a USAID guarantee, Herbert’s bank was able to issue a loan to Karim, a fish processor, who was in turn able to process more fish, meaning Vidal could sell more fish and hire more fisherman.

Video Transcript 
Small businesses in Mexico generate 72% of employment, yet only receive 9% of bank lending. But loan guarantees from USAID are changing this. A USAID guarantee to a bank means a small fish processor can get a loan to process more fish. Which means the processor can buy more fish from local artisanal fishermen. Meet Vidal. Local fisherman, entrepreneur, family-man. Thanks to this increased demand, Vidal sells more fish, employs more people, and can better support his family and educate his children. Vidal continues to fish every day. Building a better future for his family and community. Every day, small businesses around the world receive loans guaranteed by USAID’s Development Credit Authority. To find out more, visit: