Development, Democracy, and Global Security in the 21st Century

Frontiers in Development -

Moderator: Judy Woodruff,Senior Correspondent for PBS NewsHour
The Honorable Joyce Banda,President of Malawi
The Honorable Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia
The Honorable Atifete Jahjaga, President of the Republic of Kosovo
The Honorable Mary Robinson, Founder of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative; Former President of Ireland
The Honorable Helen Clark, United Nations Development Program Administrator;
Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Development strategies will play a key role in growing a community of prosperous democratic countries that can resolve their own conflicts and work cooperatively to address 21st century global threats. These security challenges will be shaped by illegitimate regimes; the rising threat posed by non-state actors, by the persistent weakness of fragile states and by the challenges of hunger, poverty, disease, demographic pressures and global climate change. What, then, are the appropriate approaches for building more inclusive, legitimate and effective democracies to meet these challenges? In doing so, what is the right balance among development, diplomacy, and security responses?