U.S. Government Provides Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

For Immediate Release

Friday, January 2, 2009
USAID Press Office

The United States Government, through the US Agency for International Development, continues to deliver humanitarian supplies to the people in Gaza.

During the week of December 29, USAID has provided badly needed medical and food supplies to health care facilities in Gaza, including syringes, tubes, gloves, x-ray film, tape, silk for sutures and bedding (mattresses, blankets and linens). USAID continues to work with international organizations operating in Gaza to prepare additional assistance for health care facilities in Gaza.

USAID continues to provide food assistance through the World Food Program, supporting approximately 20,000 non-refugee Palestinian households in Gaza with a bimonthly package of five basic foods, including wheat flour and vegetable. Since December 28, WFP and its implementing partner, CHF, have distributed approximately 720 metric tons (MT) of food commodities to USAID-supported beneficiaries in Gaza. An additional 1,350 MT is available in Gaza for distribution if the security situation allows.

In addition to medical and food supplies, USAID is delivering 18,000 kilograms of plastic sheeting to cover broken windows and help mitigate the cold. An additional 100,000 kilograms will be delivered within the coming days.