USAID Administrator Mark Green's Remarks Following his Meeting with North Darfur State Governor Abdel Wahid Yousif Ibrahim

For Immediate Release

Monday, August 28, 2017
USAID Press Office
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August 28, 2017
Governor's Office
North Darfur State, Sudan

ADMINISTRATOR GREEN: I wish to offer my sincere thank you to all of you, in particular to the Governor, for the very warm welcome today.

My visit here to North Darfur today not only demonstrates USAID's continuing concern and support for the people of Sudan, but also shows USAID's long-standing legacy of support here, dating back to the early 1960s.  

The timing of this visit, during the sanctions review period, shows the importance America attaches to our relations with Sudan.  We remain committed to engaging with the Government of Sudan at a high level on all areas of our bilateral relationship and to seeing sustained positive actions, including improving humanitarian access.

We will be watching closely for sustained progress on all of the Five Tracks. In particular, we are hoping to see progress on humanitarian access right here in North Darfur. We are at a critical point in Sudan.  There is still a need for life-saving humanitarian assistance, and we hope to see a successful resolution to the conflicts in Darfur and the Two Areas.  

Today, I will be also visiting internally displaced people, people to whom USAID and its partners are giving critical assistance. I want to underscore -- America will not walk away from our commitment to humanitarian assistance, and we will always stand with people everywhere when a disaster or humanitarian crisis strikes, for that is who we are as Americans.

But we'll also call on others to do their part, and we'll work relentlessly to ensure that we deliver assistance in the most effective, efficient manner possible -- meeting their needs and also building resilience against future crises.

I look forward to seeing first-hand the great, life-saving work done by USAID partners here today. I will have the chance to see and discuss with UNAMID the important work they are doing in support of peace and humanitarian assistance.

We all share a goal of a Sudan at peace internally and with its neighbors, working together to improve security and prosperity in the region.

Thank you.