USAID supports the Coalition for Domestic Monitors

Monday, June 12, 2017
USAID supports the Coalition for Domestic Monitors
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TIRANA, ALBANIA     More than 1,700 domestic observers (USAID supports the Coalition for Domestic Monitors) will be deployed to 541 polling stations in the statistical-based observation (SBO) sample on Election Day. This number includes:

  • 1,082 SBO observers (2 x 541 sample polling stations)
  • 180 Counting Process Observers (2 x 90 counting centers)
  • 180 Electoral Administration Zone Observers (2 x 90 zones)
  • 300+ Mobile Observers (ad-hoc to different polling stations)
  • The Coalition of Domestic Monitors (CDO) is piloting the use of a cloud-based data management system (Ona) and smartphone app STO reporting system (Open Data Kit)
  • CDO will publish statements with its findings and analysis of the opening, voting, closing and counting process
  • CDO preliminary statement on the entire Election Day process will be published on June 26
  • CDO will open data from the 2017 elections and update the Albania Election Data website as soon as results are announced

All Election Data will be available on the following site: and