Streamlining VAT Refunds for Kosovo’s Taxpayers

Thursday, September 21, 2017
USAID Partnership for Development and Kosovo's Tax Administration staff discuss the processes during the workshop
USAID Partnership for Development [ Chemonics]

Our Partnerships for Development (PfD) project is working with Kosovo’s Tax Administration to help improve the process for Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds for taxpayers.   

The Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) is working hard to implement operational reforms that streamline the VAT refund process. This means that businesses can now obtain their refunds quicker and more efficiently, enabling them to direct the funds towards more productive economic activities. TAK has also reduced the processing time for VAT refund requests by more than 50%, and has simplified the submission of refund applications.

As part of Partnership for Decelopment's work with TAK, the project recently convened a five-day that tackled how best to strengthen the application of new operational procedures and to enhance the transparency of the refund process through the publication of key performance indicators.

USAID’s Partnerships for Development is a four-year program, aimed at supporting reforms for improving the business environment in Kosovo and increasing employment opportunities. The program works in partnership with the government and other partners to strengthen institutions and help achieve Kosovo’s vision for economic growth.